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Digital helps you find a one-story house


 that best fits your family size.

Build your one-story house with an app.

IKI Co.,Ltd. proposes a standard type Hiraya custom-built house that allows you to choose the one that best suits the shape of the household of the resident from a large number of floor plan patterns, and its name is IKI (smart).

We will propose a house with the right floor plan, not too wide and not too narrow, at a reasonable price.
Apps play a major role in this.

Through the app, we will provide information on housing plans and information that will help you solve various problems.
Before you visit IKI's model house, you will be able to solidify the image of the house that is right for you.


The model house is Millerun in the palm of your hand!

"Hiraya", an app that lets you find your favorite one-story house

Click here for free download of the app







Press release

Robot for unmanned viewing

-A new form of communication between customers in the New Normal era and housing sales-

Our one-story model house "Hiraya ga Millerun" supports unmanned viewing

We have introduced a remote-controlled robot (mascot name "Millerun").



Background of introduction


It is thought that there are requests for a leisurely tour with the family alone, and for avoiding the risk of face-to-face contact in the New Normal era after the new Corona. In the existing video customer service system, the person in charge communicates through the screen to answer customer's questions and guide the specifications and equipment, but the location was limited to a few places in the building where communication is possible. Was the current situation. Therefore, taking advantage of the one-story building without stairs, we started to consider the introduction of a remote-controlled robot that can move in the indoor space together with the customer and talk while looking and moving together, and started full-scale introduction in May 2021.


Expected effects of introducing a remote-controlled robot
1. Communication where you can feel contact while not contacting
2. Product description while moving indoors and looking at the actual item
3. Confirmation of places of interest for visitors

The moving robot customer service expands the range of guidance that can be provided while being unmanned, and the information that can be input becomes closer to that of manned customer service. In addition, the operator who remotely controls the robot guides the customer by becoming a robot with a unique shape that makes them feel familiar. This makes it possible for customers to obtain information about housing while slowly inspecting at their own pace and casually communicating through robots without feeling the tension felt by a real sales representative. I will.


Smart home planning

What is the smart home we propose?

A new life in a new household may be more flexible with the help of a little technology.
The standard-type Hiraya custom-built house produced by IKI Co.,Ltd. is equipped with IoT devices as standard.(*1)

Realizing affordable smart homes.

Features of our proposed smart home

door with smart lock

"Face authentication key" that can be locked and unlocked just by standing in front of the door(*2), "Pocket Key" that allows you to lock and unlock with the remote control key in your pocket(*2,3), "Pitatto key" that can be locked and unlocked simply by bringing the tag key close to the steering wheel(*3), or you can lock and unlock with a smartphone app.

​In addition, the new entrance door, which has both high security and convenient functions that hides the key hole, gives you comfort and peace of mind every day.

smart home

Smart home is a general term for housing that utilizes IoT and AI technology to realize a more comfortable life. For example, there are curtains that can be opened and closed automatically and windows equipped with sensors that check for suspicious intruders. By controlling the home appliances and equipment in all rooms, mainly through nature and smartphone apps, operations can be visualized and convenience can be improved, realizing peace of mind and comfort.

*1…Optional depending on the plan. IoT product and device specifications are subject to change.

*2…Face authentication key and pocket key are optional.

​*3…Emergency storage key is built in as standard.


Next-generation VR and Zero-contact House Tours

IKI model houses minimize contact between customers and sales representatives. It is made possible by two key technologies.
Next-generation VR

The next-generation VR, which is much more realistic than conventional VR (Virtual Reality), allows you to self-view actual model houses and architectural examples.
With next-generation VR, you can also measure the floor plan dimensions in the VR space, so you can check in advance whether your furniture will fit. The screen is an image.

Zero-contact House Tour System

Experience the IKI space to the fullest in a model house without a sales representative. This is made possible by a zero-contact house tour system that takes advantage of the characteristics of IKI as a smart home.

When you apply for a house tour via the app or web, you will receive a passcode for the smart lock at the entrance of the model house. The customer can enter the model house directly at the reserved time.

Inside the model house, we have prepared a spot where you can communicate remotely with the IKI Co.,Ltd. concierge. The concierge can answer a variety of questions about the house while avoiding a physical face-to-face encounter.

About Us

  Company name

  IKI Co.,Ltd.
(A group company of KI-STAR REAL ESTATE CO.,LTD.)


English company name
  IKI Co.,Ltd.



  Headquarters location

1619-2 Kaminakaimachi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture 370-0851



Representative Director Ryuichi Hosoya


10 million yen (as of November 27, 2020)

Registration license number

Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business License: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (1) No. 9922

  Business content

・ Housing construction contract ・ Planning and design of smart homes utilizing IoT ・ Planning and operation of VR / non-contact viewing system for housing ・ Planning and development of custom-built housing examination application

Japan Wooden Condominium Association
About Us

Various inquiries

Inquiries about IKI Co.,Ltd. in general

E-mail: info (at-mark)

* Please replace (at-mark) with "@"

Tel: 027-329-7756
Fax: 027-329-6336

Business hours: AM 10: 00-PM 7:00 (closed on Wednesdays)

Customers who are considering / purchasing a one-story house (Hiraya IKI built with the app)

Standard order one- story Hiraya IKI Click here for low-cost one- story toll-free number: 0120-24-0870
Business hours: AM 10: 00-PM 7:00 (closed on Wednesdays)


Main Product


With "simple and compact living" at the core of the design, we have ensured structural safety. IKI (粋) is the name of the next generation of one-story houses, which uses a standardized design and offers a variety of floor plans that are easy to understand and fit the style of the residents.


Commuting time 30 seconds


As HANARE increases work at home

According to the customer's hobbies and tastes, such as the "study" space where needs are increasing

You can easily create various spaces in your garden.



IKI Co.,Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of KISTAR REAL ESTATE, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime. We are particular about standard one-story custom-built houses and sell from 17 tsubo 6.49 million yen (tax included). We are a company aiming to have the largest one-story sales share in Japan by proposing new initiatives such as unmanned viewing systems that make full use of IT and robot customer service.

As for the way of working, we are a company that actively works on IT utilization. The group's philosophy is "a company that creates" rich, comfortable, and pleasant "that aims to create a rich, enjoyable, and comfortable life." "Make someone happy," which makes you happy. “Housing” is the center of people's lives, but that is not the only thing we are looking at. As a "Yutaka creative company," we will create a rich life for our customers and a happy smile. With that feeling in mind, I will continue to grow.

What is IKI Co.,Ltd.?

Established in November 2020 to focus on customer service and marketing utilizing new technologies such as non-contact sales, VR preview, Internet and apps. We aim to reduce store operating costs by utilizing various technologies and provide high-quality, low-priced standard custom-built homes. In addition, we have introduced IoT, smart locks, smart ceiling lights, etc. to provide a comfortable environment.

This time, we are increasing the number of staff to further strengthen the organization and open new stores!

Business content

Construction and sale of our original newly built condominiums and custom-built homes

• Custom-built housing business

Selection flow

Two interviews, WEB aptitude test (scholastic ability + job aptitude)

* The first interview can be taken at Zoom.

* Person-oriented interview selection. Relax your shoulders with each other

Discuss your wishes and vision for the future!

Hiraya specialty store IKI application guidelines / application

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